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We’re a long established and respected provider of specialist building and construction consultancy services.

Below you’ll find a summary of the professional services we provide to architects, developers, councils, contractors and the legal fraternity.

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Expert Witness & Reports

An Expert Witness is an independent party to proceedings and those who engage an expert witness must either give the expert witness a copy of the Experts Code of Conduct, or be satisfied that the expert witness has seen the code of conduct and will abide by it….

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Contract Review

When a dispute arises, an initial investigation of the contract is undertaken to precisely identify each party’s rights and obligations as detailed in the suite of documents contained in or…

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Dilapidation Schedules

Many development approvals, whether for small construction projects or large infrastructure programs now contain conditions which require an independently prepared professional…

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Rectification Costing

Our calculation of costs are derived from the use of Rawlinson’s Cost Guides as well as adopting the Consultants expertise in the building industry. It goes without saying that…

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Building Defects

Defects exist in all construction projects meaning it is likely that no project is ever completed perfectly. Even a newly built home can have defects which may be lurking in the…

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Litigation Support

Australian Building & Construction Consultants (ABCC) are experienced in dispute resolution and believe that prompt resolution of disputes or misunderstandings relating to construction…

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Progress Inspections

Private certifiers are engaged by builders to sign off on project stages to ensure they meet local government and/or council regulations. A certifier does not, however, inspect the quality…

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Scott Schedules

The purpose of the Scott Schedule is to set out in tabular form the positions of the respective parties on each item in dispute for use in a court’s hearing of the case…

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