Becoming a Certified Building Inspector

Growing up we all had our share of dream jobs, from being an astronaut to a cowboy, our imaginations knew no bounds. As time went by, some of our dreams may become impossible to achieve and we start setting our sights to more achievable goals. Goals that contribute to society, goals that we know we can make a career out of yet still enjoy. For those who loved playing Lego as kids, one of the jobs suited for your skill set is that of a building inspector.

Sounds good?

So now that you’ve decided, what now? Although you have no idea where to start, the mere fact that you are reading this shows you have the initiative. To be honest, you can break into the business as long as you have common building knowledge and you put out an ad in the yellow pages, but that alone does create a certified building inspector .

Here are major steps to becoming a certified building inspector:
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  1. The first thing you need to do is contact your local council’s building department or a building inspector and ask about the programs available in your area.
  2. Next, enroll in a building inspector program and get a hold of all the manuals you need. You need to pay tuition of course in addition to the cost of the manuals, so expect to shell out several hundred dollars. Prices vary from place to place though so it’s a good idea to canvass first.
  3. As you prepare for your training, which is mostly on-the-job under the supervision of a certified inspector, be sure to read your manuals ahead of time to give you a basic understanding of construction, electrical, plumbing and fire safety guidelines. You should also learn building and safety codes as well as be up to date on current inspection methods.
  4. Try to complement your training with blueprint reading courses. It helps too to learn engineering, construction technology as well as drafting. Your local university or career/community college may offer these courses.
  5. Study hard! You’ll need to pass all your training program requirements, written exams and trial inspection tests. These are required if you wish to become a certified building official.
  6. Get liability insurance! If you intend to work on your own, this is a must. However, if you plan to work for a company or building department, liability insurance is usually provided.
  7. Finally, finish an apprenticeship program, which is a requirement in most areas, and you you are well on your way to becoming a certified building inspector!


These steps involves a lot of hard work so keep stoking that initial initiative fire you had when you started and breeze through the steps.

Pretty soon you’ll be a certified building inspector, spending your days inspecting life-sized Lego blocks to see if they are up to your standards.

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